Welcome to C&H

C&H Precision Weapons is a family owned and operated small business, serving the shooting community from our shop located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. We specialize in hand-crafted precision rifles, custom 1911’s, pistol slide upgrades and the design and manufacturing of special projects within the firearms industry.

Our USMC M45 MEUSOC 1911’s, M40A1, M40A3, M40A5, and M40A6 Marine Corps Sniper Rifles are “Built to Spec” and are highly sought after by collectors, shooters, and former Marines alike. We build custom rifles for Nationally Ranked competitive shooters to their most demanding specifications. We also build rifles for the extreme conditions of the of the most demanding hunting environments on the planet.

Precision Rifles
Join the Mod Squad

In addition to building the most badass precision rifles on the planet, C&H also makes custom modifications to stock handguns. We upgrade and modify pistol slides and frames.  We invite you to ‘buck’ the trends of social media driven vanity upgrades and check our upgrades which have been designed and tested to not only improve the looks of your pistol but more importantly improve function and performance.  We have partnered with some of the best pistol shooters and instructors from across the US to offer you several fantastic pistol upgrade packages.

If you desire something more than our functional / performance packages, we can accommodate your needs as well.


The C&H #BoomSquad is a collection of shooters and sponsor companies who place Faith, Family, and Friends before all other priorities. We pride ourselves on growing our sport and the shooting community through proactive outreach, charitable giving, and leading by example.