What is the #BoomSquad?
C&H Boom Squad

The C&H #BoomSquad is a collection of shooters and sponsor companies who place Faith, Family, and Friends before all other priorities.

We pride ourselves on growing our sport and the shooting community through proactive outreach, charitable giving, and leading by example.

Membership to the #BoomSquad isn’t limited to those few who wear our jersey; our squad can have an unlimited number of members. It’s up to you as to whether you have the desire and commitment to join our ranks. Contact us if you have what it takes to be a #BoomSquad member. #boom

Roll Call
Buck Holly

Buck Holly


Buck Holly got involved in the PRS within the past several years through building rifles for other competitors. His daily responsibilities revolve around managing and operating C&H Precision Weapons, a family-owned rifle and pistol manufacturer. As the team founder and co-captain of the #BoomSquad, he strives to ensure all members of the team are strong conservative Christians who prioritize building the shooting community and giving back over being the best shooters.

Fun Fact: Buck’s favorite color is pink and he loves unicorns.

Chesnee Holly

Chesnee Holly


Chesnee Holly is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. She was introduced to precision shooting by her dad at a young age, and some of her fondest memories are of family hunting trips across the U.S. Her favorite hunting trip was to Montana in an RV where she and her family spent a week shooting prairie dogs on a large ranch. This is the second year Chesnee has shot within the PRS, and in 2017 she was offered sponsorships from Savage and Federal Premium Ammo.

Fun Fact: She loves when her dad attempts to set her up with guys he thinks she’ll like.

Noah Holly

Noah Holly


Noah Holly is an up-and-coming shooting star, and despite having the smallest package, she has the biggest personality on the #BoomSquad. She loves going to the rifle range with her family and anything related to the outdoors.

Fun Fact: Noah actually runs the show at C&H Precision Weapons. Just ask her.


Bruce Lee

Team Trainer

Thanks to him, everybody was kung fu fighting.

Fun Fact: Bruce invented the “sport” of speed stacking.


We are honored and proud to represent the following brands and their outstanding gear during the 2017 season on the Precision Rifle Series and 3 Gun Nation: SIG Sauer Electro-Optics, SIG Sauer Silencers, SIG Sauer Firearms, Prime Ammunition, WileyX Eyewear, SOG Tactical, and GDI Optic Mounts.

SIG Sauer
WileyX Eyewear