Executive Options Package

The Executive Options Package is for those who spare no expense, want the best, and don’t want to filter through hundreds of pages of internet reviews trying to find an honest review by someone that actually uses the gear. This package includes all the accessories we use while shooting, and trust us—we don’t use JV crap.

The Executive Options Package can be added to any rifle purchased from C&H Precision Weapons and in most cases adds no additional lead time to your order.

Price: $5,685.00

Package Includes:

  • SIG Tango6 5-30×56 Optic
  • Badger Ordnance MAX Match Grade Rings
  • Kestrel 5700 Sportsman
  • Atlas Bi-Pod
  • Patriot Cases Mil-Spec Hard Case w/ Fitted Pre-Cut HDPE Foam
  • Tactical Tailor Soft Sided Sniper Drag Bag
  • C&H PWS Rifle Caddie Scope Cover
  • 500 Rounds of Match Ammo
  • Wiebad Stock Pad
  • Wiebad Pump Pillow
  • Wiebad Tac Pad
  • Wiebad Fortune Cookie Shooting Bag
  • SAP Two Round Holder
  • Wiebad Rip Cord Quick Adjustment Sling
Executive Options Package