Accuracy International

Accuracy Internationa is a combat proven manufacturer of polymer and alloy chassis, which provides the rigidity, strength, and durability necessary to provide a stable, rugged platform for the barreled action in all weather and in any environment.

Grayboe Outlander

The Grayboe Outlander is our traditional hunting stock. With a straight comb and traditional swooped back pistol grip, it feels like an old friend. The Outlander is light and sleek for easy and efficient field carry. The slightly oversized forend will accommodate up to a #5 barrel contour. The Outlander weighs 2.5 pounds and is ambidextrous. Currently, the Grayboe Outlander supports Remington 700 long action with BDL floor plate and sporter and Magnum barrel contours.

Grayboe Renegade

The Grayboe Renegade uses a beavertail forearm that is wider and flatter than most stocks. The action and barrel sit lower for enhanced stability and control, making it suitable for the bench shooter or for real world tactical deployment. The Renegade uses a trim pistol grip, helping the shooter to maintain steady rearward pressure and keeping the butt more solidly “in the pocket.” The dual purpose butt hook is fully functional for either riding sandbags or controlling the rifle with the non-trigger hand. The Renegade weighs 3.75 pounds and is ambidextrous.

Manners MCS Elite Hunter

The Manners MCS Elite Hunter Series was developed to be as light as possible while still maintaining the ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics.

Masterpiece Arms BA Chassis System

All Competitor Series rifles are built on the MPA BA Chassis System. Designed by shooters for shooters, this unique chassis system provides a super precision platform for your barreled action.

Whether you’re increasing the accuracy capabilities of your existing action due to the V-Bedding System as well as adding tactical features to your rifle or building a super precision rifle for long range competitions, the MPA BA Chassis will provide a world class chassis system sure to exceed your expectations.


  • Total Chassis weight: 4.9 lbs
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • V-Bedding System
  • Front Night Vision Bridge
  • MPA Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Riser and Length of Pull
  • Rotating Barricade Stop
  • Trinity Rail System
  • Recoil Pad is adjustable for Height and Cant
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser
  • Built-in Bubble Level
  • Machined Thumb Notch
  • AICS Mag Well

McMillan HTG (M40A1)

The McMillan HTG is the original M40A1 Marine Sniper Rifle stock and was designed for a heavy barrel Remington 700. It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL (blind magazine), BDL (hinged floorplate), and most detachable box magazine systems. It will take any barrel contour up to a #8.

McMillan A4 (M40A3/A5)

The McMillan A4 tactical sniper stock was originally designed for the USMC. The optional adjustable saddle type cheekpiece is comfortable and efficient. The forend is similar to the A2, but the bottom has been dropped to be parallel to the top. It has a vertical pistol grip and a butt hook for better control of the butt with the non-trigger hand. It is available with fixed length of pull or adjustable spacer system. The A4 will accommodate all Remington 700 type and Winchester Model 70 type actions. The stock is ambidextrous and may be inletted for either right and left hand. Now also available with either of the integral cheekpiece options.

Remington 700 Action

Remington 700

Accurized Remington 700 action with a tactical bolt knob and a TImney 510 trigger, precision ground recoil lug, match grade barrel, match chamber, and threaded for brake or a silencer.

Custom Javelin Action


A Custom Javelin Action built like a tank to defeat targets at long range, this action was designed by shooters for shooters. Sleek. Precise. Accurate. It contains all the functional features you require from an action with no fluffy options. Perfect for engaging long-range targets, which has made it the most popular action on the PRS Series. The Javelin action is manufactured for us by Defiance Machine in Montana and is modeled after the Deviant Tactical. Like everything Defiance Machine manufactures, the Javelin/Deviant Tactical is the best rifle action in the firearms industry.

Key Features

  • Integral Mil Spec 1913 accessory rail (0, 10, 20, or 30 MOA)
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416 stainless steel
  • .700″ bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly and threaded for interchangeable knobs close tolerances
  • Full-length lug ways are wire EDM-cut to limit stress in the receiver material
  • 10, 20, or 30 MOA Rail
  • Integral Recoil Lug
  • Side Bolt Release
  • Fluted Bolt
  • M16 Style Extractor
  • Left and right-handed models in Short or Long Actions
Stainless Steel Barrel

Match-grade Stainless Steel

Match-grade stainless steel barrels are the of the best. These barrels are put through the highest quality machining and lapping processes. They are intended for the competition shooter or the most exacting hunter, both of whom want the ultimate in accuracy and quality. These are our highest grade barrel and, of course, the most costly.

Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

Carbon Fiber Wrapped

Carbon fiber wrapped barrels start our match-grade stainless steel barrel, which is machined down and wrapped with lightweight carbon fiber. It’s the best alternative to a heavy barrel for saving weight while maintaining accuracy and superior performance.