M-Lok for Fiberglass Rifle Stocks


Do you prefer the look and feel of a fiberglass stock but want the Flexibility and Modularity of today’s modern chassis systems?


Introducing the C&H M-Lok Rail for Fiberglass Stocks

When used with one of the many Kinetic Development Group Kinetic QD mounts, you will instantly have the modularity and flexibility you’ve always wanted from a bolt action stock.

The Kinect™ by KDG for M-LOK™ is a revolutionary QD mounting system that will change the way we attach accessories to our modular weapons platforms.

Choose from six, five, four, three or two slot lengths.

We can CNC your stock and glassbed the new rail into your stock using our proprietary anchor system which provides 30% surface area contact than traditional t-nuts AND our mounting method doesn’t interfere with the barrel channel or your current glass bedding job.

Overall Rail Lengths:

2 Slot – 4.25″

3 Slot – 5.75″

4 Slot – 7.25″

5 Slot – 9.00″

6 Slot – 10.50″



Kinetic Development Group M-Lok QD *

Kinect™M-LOK™ (Dual MLOK™) Mount

Custom Install by C&H *

Custom CNC Stock Cut, Glass Bedded into your stock. C&H Proprietary anchor system provides 30% more surface area contact than industry standard T-Nuts. Our install process does not disrupt your action bedding or barrel channel.

Manners Carbon Fiber Stock Barrel Channel Upgrade

If you own a Manner Carbon Fiber stock, We along with Manners Strongly encourage you to have your barrel channel upgraded / strengthened with carbon fiber. We cut your stock and install your new rail, then we send the stock to Manners who then install a carbon fiber barrel channel wrap to ensure lifelong stability and strength in the fore end of your stock. If you choose not to do this upgrade, you run the risk of cracking your stock and this will not be covered under either companies warranty policies.

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If you purchase our M-Lok rail system with installation, please send your stock along with a copy of your invoice to the following address:


459 Edsel Dr

Richmond Hill GA 31324

Turn around times are 2 to 3 weeks.

*** If you are upgrading an Manners Carbon Fiber stock, we (CHPWS and Manners) recommend that you have the barrel channel lined with carbon fiber for additional strength.


Additional information

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Dimensions N/A
Slot Size / Install / Options

Five Slot – Rail Only, Five Slot Rail w/ Install, Five Slot w/ Install w/ 3 & 7 Slot KDG QD's, Four Slot – Rail Only, Four Slot Rail w/ Install, Four Slot w/ Install w/ 3 & 7 Slot KDG QD's, Six Slot – Rail Only, Six Slot Rail w/ Install, Six Slot w/ Install w/ 3 & 7 Slot KDG QD's, Three Slot – Rail Only, Three Slot Rail w/ Install, Three Slot w/ Install w/ 3 & 7 Slot KDG QD's, Two Slot – Rail Only, Two Slot Rail w/ Install, Two Slot w/ Rail w/ 3 & 7 Slot KDG QD's


FDE (Flat Dark Earth), Flat Black


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