The “Dormer” Slide Cut



The “Dormer” slide cut was inspired by our Sassy PR & Marketing Chic!  Her goal was to give the front of the slide some additional grip texture while also highlighting TiN coated barrels that many people run these days.

Lead Time: 2–3 weeks

*The slide on the picture is a G19, all Glock slide in different model will have slightly different design vary on the model.

*All of our design will have our logo proudly engrave on them.

Please contact us for detail.

Join the #boomsquad and order your “Dormer” package today!


Slide Finish / Color * 

Cerakote Slide Colors

Red Dot / Reflex Sight Cut * 

Select your Reflex Sight Slide Cut – Reduced rate of $95 with a Slide Cut Package

Upgrade Your Sights! * 

Upgrade your sights and toss those plastic OEM sights in the trash!

Additional Upgrade Options

Here is a list of the most common upgrades shooters request with their slide upgrades.

Battle Worn Colors

Please let us know what two colors you’d like for your battle worn paint job:
Base Color – ?
Top Color – ?


Shipping instructions will be provided after your purchase.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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