Trijicon RMR SRO / Holosun 407 / 507 / 508 GLOCK MOS Adapter plate V3 – BLOW OUT SALE!!! NEW V4 WILL BE RELEASED APRIL 2020

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The CHPWS V3 GLOCK MOS adapter plate is the most rugged, reliable, and trusted red dot adapter plate on the market today. Approved for duty use by over 600 Local, State, Federal and US Military units, this adapter plate will ensure your red dot stays on your slide where it’s suppose to be.  Period.  Paragraph.


*Agency / Department Purchase Discounts Available – See Below for details*

In stock (can be backordered)


All CHPWS V3 plates are 100% Made In America, using only American Made Material, by Americans.  Each V3 plate is fabricated from 6061 precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy and then finished withType III Black hardcoat anodize per MIL-Spec-A-8625

Fills those ugly sight gaps in front and behind your Red Dot
Four locating pins / lugs
Thinner design, Lighter Design, more than Twice the Thread Engagement to secure your red dot to the plate.
The screw sizes are machined into the plate in case you need more, you’ll know the size and length!
The C&H Adapter Plate allows you to mount your Trijicon RMR or your Holosun 507 Reflex Sight to your GLOCK MOS slide perfectly
Comes with M3 screws to secure the plate to your pistol as well as 4-40 screws to secure your RMR or Holosun to the plate.
There will be no more gap, everything looks nice and neat on your Glock MOS. Comes with two screws.
This adapter plate does not include the Trijicon RMR or the Holosun Reflex sight.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .1 in


Major differences between the V3 and all other plates:

  • 7 threads engagement with V3 vs 1.5 to 3 with other plates
  • Four locating pins vs two pins
  • Comes with screws to attach an RMR and Holosun to the V3 Plate
  • No RMR Sealing Plate Needed for Type II RMR’s.  If you run a Type I RMR, you may still want to run the sealing plate with the bump to prevent battery flicker.





Agency / Department Purchase Discount Program

***Agency / Department Discount Program***

If a member of your Training Div or the Firearms Cadre contacts us and requests an MOS plate for Test & Eval, we will send them a sample for review and approval.

Department / Agency Test and Evaluation Process:

We send all plates out on a 30 day no cost T&E.  

After 30 days we ask that you notify us of your finding on the MOS Adapter plate T&E process.

If after 30 days you would like to keep the T&E plate, we will sell it to you at the Department / Agency Price of 25% off retail.   

Once our plate passes your internal Test and Evaluation process and is added to your “Approved For Duty Use” equipment list, please send us a copy of the approval notice and we will issue a Department / Agency specific discount code that can be used by your Department / Agency procurement personnel and / or issued to all individual officers for 25% off through our web page.

To receive your T&E MOS Adapter plate send an email to and from your Department / Agency email address containing the following information:

Name / Rank / Title

Mailing Address

Email address


Thank you for trusting us with your business.  As of July 2019, our MOS Adapter plates have been approved by over 200 local, state, federal and US DoD Units for Duty Use.  Our plate combined with our mounting instructions will ensure your RDS stays where it is supposed to through the harshest duty conditions.


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