Trijjicon RMR / Holosun to Glock MOS Adapter plate

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This design as been replaced by our new V3 model (Version 3).  The V3 gives you over seven threads of engagement with the screws we provide vs the three threads of engagement you get with the GLOCK Plate or our old V2 and the OEM screws.


Tired of the ugly sight gap in your MOS when mounting the Trijjicon RMR or Holosun reflex sight? The C&H Adapter Plate allows you to mount your Trijjicon RMR or your Holosun Reflex Sight to your GLOCK MOS slide perfectly.

There will be no more gap, everything looks nice and neat on your Glock MOS.

This adapter plate does not include the Trijjicon RMR or the Holosun. #boom

**Agency / Department Discount Program: If a member of your Training Div or the Firearms Cadre contacts us and requests an MOS plate for Test & Eval, we will send them a sample for review and approval.

Once our products are listed as “Authorized for Use” or placed on the Approved vendor list for the Agency / Dept, we’ll create a discount code that can be issued to officers for official business use.***


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