.140 U Notch

Tall rear sight for clearance over suppressors and mini red dot sights (RMR, MRDS, Delta Point, etc).  Fits Glock dovetail, clears MOS cover/adapter plate..  CNC machined from prehardened 4140, QPQ (nitrocarburize) finish equivalent to Glock slide.

Height is listed as total height of sight with dovetail.

  • .315 FRONT FIBER
  • .395″ total height (.320″ above slide, .075″ dovetail) REAR
  • Serrated front face for improved purchase when used for racking and manipulations
  • Is .070″ taller than our standard height Glock Rear Sight, and as a default we suggest trying this with a .315″ front sight
  • These sights are designed around a Trijicon RMR mounted on a Glock MOS or custom machined into the slide. Due to the variation in suppressor tube diameters and optic heights, we do not guarantee that this sight will protrude over your particular setup, nor are we able to maintain a database of all possible height/fit variations. Please also note that we could make sights as tall as we could cut them, but they need to fit into holsters and not catch on everything, so these are as tall as we felt were appropriate before reaching diminishing returns.
  • Use with .250″ tall front on M&P, when custom installed behind optic. ****Does NOT fit M&P CORE or factory M&P dovetail.

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in


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