Leupold DPP LowWitness Rear Sight by C&H


The CH-DPP-Rear was designed specifically to be used with the Leupold DPP on a direct milled slide or with the DPP on an optics ready pistol.  This plate requires a .405 Front sight to properly Low Witness.  CHPWS along with many other instructors within the MRDS community are huge advocated of what we call LowWitness.  LowWitness is defined as a BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) that sits between .075″ to .100″ into the optic FOV (Field Of View) which is equivalent  to lower 1/6 to lower 1/8.

Red Dot Industry Experts believe BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) should not block your FOV.  True Co-Witness blocks half your FOV and Lower 1/3 blocks one third of your FOV.  Why would you spend hard earned money to buy a quality red dot and then block most of your FOV with iron sights that are only used in case of emergency?

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  1. steelleythomas (verified owner)

    Fit perfect on install, will update if any issues arise from high usage in classes and normal training.

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