Holosun 509T-RD X2



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Price for all three: $524.89


  • Reticle – 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
  • Light Wavelength 650nm
  • Reticle Color Red
  • Parallax Free Yes
  • Unlimited Eye Relief Yes
  • Magnification1x
  • Multi-Coatings Yes

Additional information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

15 reviews for Holosun 509T-RD X2

  1. ALPHAFOX (verified owner)

    WOW! Best deal on the internet at time of purchase.. So good in fact, I ended up buying TWO!!! Thank You C+H Precision!

    Now, about the HOLOSUN 509T-RD. This sight is impressive. I would not hesitate to put this on ANY pistol, shotgun, or rifle. What makes me qualified to say this. Absolutely nothing except….. I actually have time behind AIMPOINTS and can speak from experience about quality and use.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like AIMPOINTS. I was never a fan of the EO TECH lines and I have trust issues with them because of unexpected shutdowns. I do feel that the EO TECH reticle is a great reticle and can be utilized in many different ways for aiming at various ranges. Well, Hallelujah! The HOLOSUN 509T offers that reticle AND the option to select a finer point of aim if one so desires.

    After purchasing these two HOLOSUN 509T-RD’s from C+H Precision this makes the third HOLOSUN solar assisted RED DOT that I own. THEY ARE SUPERIOR IN QUALITY to my AIMPOINTS and the VORTEX RDS that I own.
    SHAKE AWAKE Technology is incorporated in the 509Ts. This allows you to set the sight up the way you want it and then forget about it. When you grab your firearm with the 509T attached the sight will power up automatically and be ready for you to acquire and engage. I am not familiar with any other sight able to do that. Battery changes are a breeze and can be done ON THE FIREARM without having to remove the sight. My original HOLOSUN device has yet to have a battery change and I have had that RDS (Red Dot Sight) for over 5 years.

    Is it the perfect sight? I don’t know but I haven’t experienced anything better yet. I challenge you to try it out. If you don’t like it that is fine. If you have a personal preference for one brand or type over another that is fine. YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER QUALITY or PERFORMANCE at this price point though.

    There are ZERO reasons now why AIMPOINTS cost nearly twice as much or more than everything else on the market other than their name. AIMPOINT will be scrambling to incorporate features such as battery replacement, solar assist, and shake awake technology. If they don’t incorporate these features into their sights they will be left behind.

    * I attached the 509T to a 9mm Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine to the picatinny rail (not the most accurate placement) and was able to make consistent hits out to 290 yards with no magnification aids.

    If C+H precision has a good deal on the 509T-GD (Green Dot) in the future I may make the purchase. The Green Dot option is still a bit too pricey for me to justify at this time. Nearly twice the the cost of the Red Dot version.

  2. Randy Wolf (verified owner)

    ALPHAFOX has a very thorough and unbiased review that I can agree with but cannot articulate a more enthusiastic review. I also had to order a second unit as these are the best RDO I have found for the AR Pistol. If you question the durability, check out Erin Cowan’s YouTube channel, Sage Dynamics. 10,000 round test and drop the pistol on the sight from shoulder height, on concrete, every 500 rounds. Still running and held zero from 1st to 10,000 without adjustment. As for C&HPW, I first came here after hearing high praises from Sage Dynamics and Carry Trainer. Both were complementing the customer service and the quality of products they make. I will also complement their customer service, product quality, and extrememly competitive pricing..

  3. Robert Dowdle (verified owner)

    What a deal! This optic is solid and a perfect size for a duty weapon. As with all the other Holosun red dots I’ve used, it works great with my astigmatism. I don’t have any negative things to say about this purchase.

  4. James Barrett (verified owner)

    Put it on my walther pdp and man it is awesome!
    Thank CHPWS y’all rock! BOOM !!!

  5. jerodf98 (verified owner)

    The summer sale is the best deal on this optic, period. Fast shipping too & great customer service as well. Running this with one of their MOS plates. Top notch stuff

  6. Phoy St John (verified owner)

    This optic is the best I’ve used. I had a Trijicon RMR prior to this, and when it did duty on my home defense pistol, dust would gather on the screen and emitter and the dot would star out and made the dot look worse than my astigmatism did.

    I replaced it with the 509T and a CHPWS M&P 2.0 mounting plate and it has been phenomenal for dot/reticle clarity and I haven’t had to worry about cleaning the emitter like I did with the RMR. The Sage Dynamics review showed me the potential, the summer sale made it a reality. Thank you for the awesome sale and the fantastic mounting plate!

  7. Curtis Vik (verified owner)

    Great deal on a great sight. This is the only sight our department is currently considering due to the dual glass panes that prevent the problems many sights have when it starts raining or snowing.

    I ordered the sight and it was on my doorstep 2 days later. I received notifications all along the way. Thanks.

  8. cjholt3360 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 509t and dont regret it. The optic has been great so far and the summer sale is the best price.

    My only complaint is with FEDEX as there was a minor shipping delay. This delay was not with C&H but appeared to a minor FEDEX error.

    Overall great product and great experience. I will definitely make future purchases with C&H.

  9. Evan Fraijo (verified owner)

    Absolutely did the trick. Great optic easy to aquire and accurate.

  10. Alan Keller (verified owner)

    The Holosun 509 is a great sight for numerous reasons. The two key features that set it apart from the competition are the reticle and the emitter is enclosed. I like the reticle because the outer ring makes it very fast to acquire. The dot is still small enough for precise shoots. The other sights that have exposed emitters are easily fouled by rain or other debris.

  11. Alec Stone (verified owner)

    Robust little optic, blue lens is less drastic than an rmr. my astigmatism hates most red dots in any environment. took a leap on this and there is barely any smearing in dim rooms and none in well lit and sunny spaces. i ordered the chpws 509t v4 plate from big tex and its amazing too. dont hesitate

  12. clinicsuper (verified owner)

    I can tell you that I am so overly impressed with both the Holosun 509-T Red Dot sight and C+H Precision Weapons, that will continue to order my red dot sights and plates from them. Their customer service and quick response to questions are second to none. I think they are making the best plates on the market for Glock MOS slides. Order from this company – you will not be disappointed.

  13. jiujitsupatch13 (verified owner)

    Absolute love the 509t…got a fantastic deal purchasing it through C&H and having them mill it directly onto the slide of my 19x, and I will soon be sending the slide off either my G20 or G40 to have the same done….can’t recommend them enough, top quality service all the way around!

  14. gkdunyon (verified owner)

    I’m a man of few words as such my review will be relatively brief. I bought this optic and an adapter plate for my brand new Walther PDP Full Size 4.5 inch and I couldn’t be happier. Every fits and seems to be functioning great. I’m definitely keeping my business with this company for all my red dot and adapter plate needs.

  15. stephen markos (verified owner)

    My 509T-RD X2 arrived today and at first glance, where was Holosun’s Quality Control? Upon further observation, the glue was “slopped” onto the glass. I even had glue smudged all on the inside walls of half the optic itself as if they were trying to correct the error. I believe the optic may have been used or repurposed. C&H precision did a great job on their plate as it mounted well to my G19 MOS. I definitely wish I spent a bit more and gone with Trijicon. Instant regret with this purchase.

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