CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Holosun 509T



**This plate will not work with the Holosun HE509-RD ACSS Vulcan


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The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia.  Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before shipping to our customers.


Thickness:  V4 MIL / LEO Plates are .095″ to .099″ thick

Material: Plates are made from 6061 aluminum.  All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel

Finish:  Plates are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized – Black


Qty 1 – Optic Plate

Qty 2 – M3 Plate Mounting Screws

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4 reviews for CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Holosun 509T

  1. pinkerton.earon (verified owner)

    Freaking excellent product. I really didn’t want my 509T sitting on my P10C high like a lot of plates, and CHPWS hit the mark with this one by keeping it low and clean. Love it. Has some issues with shipping, no fault to CHPWS, but they still took care of me and got everything taken care of quickly. Customer service was on fleek. Only two hours from me. Next time I’m just gonna drive down. Haha.

  2. fitnfire78 (verified owner)

    So, no shit there I was! Getting ready to deploy to Bolivia when I realized that my new optics ready CZ P10C had just came in and I need to get a plate for my 509T, STAT! Well, I ordered this plate and it came in with little time to spare. Even for a mouth breathing, knuckle dragger like *name in the third person redacted*, it was extremely easy to install. I was able to zero the optic at my standard 22.69 meter distance and prepped for the green light to smoke some saucy cartel peeps.

    At 04:20Z, I got the green light. I quickly grabbed my gear and headed to the airfield to get aboard the awaiting C-23 Sherpa. After take-off, I noticed that the plate on my pistol had become as loose as the senior prom queen on graduation night. Naturally, I never go anywhere without my thicc wrench (patent pending) and used the included torx bits to pull the screws, add more locktite to the screws, and tighten the plate down. Come to find out, the screws were not the “exact” size as my bits and one of the 2 screws stripped its head before the necessary torque spec had been reached. With no time or space to verify zero, I mounted the red dot and rolled with it.

    Upon entering the Bolivian jungle from a HALO jump, I was uneasy carrying the CZ since I was doubtful of the now “new” zero. Nevertheless, I pressed on knowing I never pass up a good challenge. Finding the cartel’s safe house/nose candy facility was easy enough (looks at sign “Casa segura de esta manera”) and I was able to climb to the roof for a better observation point. Apparently, the blind man of Bethsaida constructed the roof because just as I was settling in for reconnaissance, I fell through the safe house’s bleak canopy. Luckily I had tied myself off so as I fell I ended up like a drunk college co-ed bungie jumping in Miami while depleting my parents 401K. The cartel’s packaging employees scattered like roaches with the lights on while I zeroed in on the cartel’s HMFIC.


    A controlled pair when sailing towards his t-zone and he crumbled instantly. The *redacted agency* needed proof of mission completion and I quickly untangled myself to get on the ground for a selfie (peace sign up, YOLO MFers). Rolling over the HMFIC’s body, I could see that I had made “decent” hits; however, was a little let down that my zero had push my impacts right slightly at 20.69 meters. Yet, I was pleased that no ‘major’ shift had happened from removing the optic to tighten the plate.

    Once my selfie was completed, I moved to the exfil point and was able to sidestep the incoming QRF. It’s amazing how quickly people get confused with a cheap disguise from Party City and 2 hours of Spanish from Rosetta Stone. They mistook me as the HMFIC’s lady friend and off I went…I still don’t understand why they didn’t question the Duck Dynasty beard. Needless to say, I was 2.69 kilometers away before they knew I was the perp.

    At the extraction point, the Z-20 was on standby awaiting my arrival and was able to lift-off before accurate fire from the QRF could be made. The twin M134s were able to laydown suppressive fire long enough for us to gain altitude and escape. During debriefing, I was asked the make and model of my pistol, type of rounds used and any other modifications done that led to such precision on my shots. Naturally, the C&H Precision was listed as the plate used for the 509T.

    And with that, democracy was preserved for one more week in this stifling war on drugs.

    TLDR: Ensure the correct size of torx bit/wrench is included with the screw or the size is annotated in the installation instructions…Liberty is at stake. 

  3. stachour (verified owner)

    C&H adapter plates are the best and only way to mount the 509T to CZs P10. They are much stronger and better than the flimsy factory plates and they also fill the voids between the slides and the optic to make the optics better integrated with the pistol. These plates look great and are a rock solid mounting platform. Highly recommend C&H plates for all optic ready pistols!

  4. Christopher Young (verified owner)

    CHPWS is hands down the best in the optic plate business!!! I partnered this plate with a PDP and could not be happier! C&H makes mounting the 509T so much better instead of using 2/3 plates, there’s only 1 and mount and go! The plate design matches the pistol also which is a huge plus. Thanks C&H!

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