Point 1 Tactics M&P Slide Job


We have collaborated with Donovan at Point 1 Tactics to develop the “P1T” M&P Slide Sight Upgrade.

Sign up for any P1T Course and get this upgrade at a 25% discount.


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The Trijicon RMR is and has been the leader in the red dot sight industry for years.  When the RMR is combined with the correct height sights and the reliability of the Smith and Wesson M&P, you have the tools to become a real gunfighter.  Now you just need the skills, knowledge and experience that comes from training with the best like Donovan at Point 1Tactics.

The P1T Package Includes:

RMR Direct Mill Cut into your slide

New Dove Tail Cut behind the RMR

Rear Sight:   .380″ Tall x .125″ Wide Notch, BLACK

Front Sight:  .320″ Tall x .125″ Wide, Ramped, BLACK

* DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RMR – Call for pricing on RMR’s.



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