Upgrade Program – Any C&H V1 / V2 / V3 upgraded to the most recent C&H V4 Optics Plate


Upgrade from any C&H Adapter Plate (V1, V2, or V3) to a C&H V4

We understand that you might only have one pistol with a Red Dot.  For this reason, we have modified our upgrade program.

Your purchase price includes a USPS pre-paid shipping envelope to send your older version back to us.  This will reduce your downtime to minutes vs days.

All V4 Plates come standard with removable patented Stainless Steel T-Nuts and screws.  This new design feature ensures your plate will last a lifetime, even if your screws don’t.



As we advance, improve, and perfect red dot mounting plates we want to ensure you have the best mounting solution on the market and we value your past business with us so we’re rewarding you with a unique upgrade program.

Step 1 – Purchase the upgraded adapter plate of your choice.

Step 2 – During the purchase include in the notes section your original order #.

Step 3 – We will ship your new plate to you.

Step 4 – Once you receive the new plate, ship us the old one to be disposed of.

If you have any further questions I can be reached via email or phone Mon-Fri 8-5PM EST.

912-445-5803 CHPWS Office


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs


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