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Alexander Castro

“They made a custom plate for my staccato xl. My xl was milled for a holosun eps from the previous owner. Chpws made a custom eps to sro plate and it’s perfect. Definitely would recommend.” – Alexander Castro

Ron Holm

Wow, that’s all I can say is WOW! These guys are fantastic. They milled the slide for my Walter Q5 SF “Black Tie Edition” pistol, and created a custom plate to work with my Sig Romeo 3XL red dot. Their work is exquisite. The fit and finish is perfect. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again!

Jeff Ventura

I’ve been looking for a replacement plate for my STI Omni and I couldn’t find any company that has it. I emailed C&H Precision and inquired about their custom plate program, and got a response right away from Joseph. Joseph was very helpful and after multiple emails, I sent my slide to their custom department. Joseph kept me up to date of the progress. After three weeks of waiting, I finally got my slide back, plate and red dot mounted too!. I’m glad that I sent it to them and I am happy with the result. This was my 4th slide that I sent and they’re the only company that I trust.

Photos Required

Please take a photo of your slide cut with the cover plate off (if applicable) or the area where you are trying to mount the optic. Please also take a photo of the bottom of the optic. (These can be both in the same photo if you wish.)