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Here at C&H Precision we take pride in our products and strive to produce quality items. We stand behind our work 100%, however, we are human and mistakes sometimes happen… in this case, we will fix our mistakes to your satisfaction.

If you believe your product is defective, damaged or missing parts, contact us using the contact form below. We will review your message and determine the best method to solve your issue.

We offer a 14-day return policy for refund requests. If you ordered by mistake or no longer need an item, we will take it back.
You are responsible for shipping the product back to us and we do not refund shipping costs. There will be a 10% restocking fee for all returns requesting a refund that are not found defective.

Items must be UNUSED (can not have been mounted and fired) and include the original screws/hardware sent with the item purchased.
Items returned damaged, without hardware, or used will not be accepted.

If you believe the product you were sent is defective or was damaged in transit please contact us immediately with photos of the issues or damage. You can contact us through our Contact portal on the website or email us at Any alterations done to any products without the written approval from C&H Precision will void any and all warranty for the product.

We take mounting pistol optics seriously and aim to provide you with the safest and most durable mounting options on the market. Please make sure all mounting instructions are followed properly. C&H Precision will not be held liable for any damage/malfunction of plate, optic, or firearm for reasons including but not limited to:

  • Improper mounting
  • Improper use
  • Improper maintenance
  • Improper handling
  • Improper installation

Manufacturer defect warranty is only available through C&H Precision for C&H Precision manufactured products, any products sold by C&H Precision that are manufactured by another company would require the customer to contact the original manufacturer for any defect claims.

Any C&H Precision manufactured product that is sold by another approved entity will be awarded full replacement warranties as if they were bought from C&H Precision directly. Please have order information from Dealer/Distributor and a good shipping address ready when contacting about warranty issues for orders from dealers.

All manufacturing defect claims are subject to inspection by C&H Precision before final approval. Approval of the return is in no way an indication that the product is truly defective or not, it is merely a step in the process to inspect the product to find if it is defective.

Plate stacking is when you use multiple plates (not including sealing plates) to make a slide cut work for an optic. C&H Precision does not ever recommend the act of plate stacking. Plate stacking with any C&H Precision products or services will void the warranty for said product or service.

If you ordered the wrong item we do offer return options: refunds and store credits. If you noticed you ordered the wrong item you can fill out a return request form on our warranty page. If you select a refund and order the correct item before the original order arrives back to C&H Precision we will waive the 10% restocking fee.

If you select a store credit you will be credited the amount paid for the item plus tax. When the item arrives back to C&H Precision an email will be sent with a coupon code to be used as a store credit. You must use the same email associated with the store credit or the system will deny you the ability to use it.

If you believe you received an item that is not what you ordered please fill out a return request form on our warranty page. Please provide photos of the item(s) you received so we can verify whether it was the item you ordered or not. If it is in fact not the item you order you will be provided a return shipping label and a replacement order will be put into the system for you. Please note some item inventory/availability is subject to change. The item you ordered may not be in stock, every possible effort will be made to fulfill your order in a timely manner.

If an item in your order is missing the proper screws/hardware for mounting please contact us immediately on our Contact Portal or at Please provide pictures of the items received and indicate what items you are missing.

If after you order you decide you do not need the product anymore you can fill out a return request form on our warranty page. For a refund the item must be unused, undamaged, include all original screws/hardware, and the request placed within 14 days of the item being shipped. An order returned due to this reason will incur a 10% restocking fee of the pretax value of the product.

All return request forms must be approved by C&H Precision. To expedite this process please be sure to properly select a reason, return type, and submit an appropriate photo. Appropriate photos are ones pointing out the issue being had with the order:

  • Received Wrong Item- picture of the product received
  • Ordered Wrong Item – picture of the item received, indicating correct item in the note section
  • Manufacture Defect – picture of the defect or issue
  • Missing Screws/Hardware – picture of items received, reference missing items in note
  • Changed Mind – picture of the item received.

Some return reasons will require the customer to pay for the shipping back to C&H Precision. It is recommended to purchase the shipping label through the return request process, but it is not required. If you choose to ship your return through a carrier of your choosing and it is lost in transit C&H Precision will not be liable for the recovery or full processing of your return. If you purchase the return shipping label through C&H Precision’s return request process and the package is lost, we will handle the recovery of the package and fully honor the rest of the return process.

If you believe a product you purchased is damaged before you were able to use it please contact us through the contact portal immediately. Please be prepared to supply photos and a description of the damage to the product.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does extend to our Slide Milling services as well. While C&H Precision does not require customers to send in their optics for slide milling it is heavily recommended. Any slide sent in with an optic will have the optic mounted at no additional charge. If you choose to supply your slide without an optic C&H Precision cannot guarantee the slide cut will work for your optic due to the tight tolerance of our milling and the tolerances in manufactured items. If any issue is found with a slide milling order, minus slide finishing, please contact C&H Precision through our contact portal and have photos and detailed descriptions ready. We may require the slide and optic to come back to the shop for inspection before determining if anything is defective with the cut.

C&H Precision will guarantee your slide’s finish up to 1 year from ship date if it is determined to not be within the realm of normal wear and tear, excessive use, negligence, or purposeful damage. Holster wear is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under this warranty.

C&H Precision will warranty the most recent generation of plates within reason. If your plate failed under normal conditions and was mounted and maintained properly we will gladly replace it. If your plate has undergone a major design change we will not be able to fully warranty your plate, but will offer you a discount to upgrade to the new design. A major design change may include but is not limited to: requires use of new hardware, requires more updated slide cut, new material used. Please contact us through our contact portal or through

C&H Precision offers a variety of shipping options. The shipping options have various delivery timeframes, these timeframes do not include processing time from C&H Precision. Orders normally process and ship within 24-48 hours, business days only. Some orders may be delayed in processing due to our fraud detection system. If the fraud detection system puts your order on hold we will investigate the order and reach out via phone to verify the order if necessary.

Shipping methods chosen by the customer are an indication of the shipping method that will be used, not a guarantee of delivery in that exact timeframe. Any indicated shipping times are for business days, so they do not include holidays or weekends.

Optic and slide milling purchases require adult signature upon delivery. If no adult is present to sign for the package after 3 delivery attempts UPS will send the item back to C&H Precision. C&H Precision will reach out to confirm address and acknowledgement of required signature, and in some cases an extra shipping charge will need to be paid before reattempting shipment.

If there are any issues during the shipping process please contact us through our contact portal or through While we can not control the way the carriers handle the package we understand your time is valuable and we will do our best to help alleviate the situation.

Your C&H Precision Optics product is warranted to be free of defects in materials. This warranty specifically applies to the metal structure, optical and illumination systems. The metal structure/housing and optical system (glass) of your C&H Precision Optics product is warranted for the life of the product under normal, personal use. Under the C&H Precision Optics Warranty, the illumination system (LED), is warranted for 5 years from the manufacture date under normal, personal use. In the event of a confirmed defect under this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the product with a C&H Precision Optics product of similar type/function, and of equal or greater value.

C&H Precision Optics reserves the right to make substitutions for similar products if the warranted model in question is no longer in production. This C&H Precision Optics Warranty does not apply to: (a) asserted defects caused by normal wear and tear of any part including knobs, finish, etc.; (b) asserted defects caused by modification including; aftermarket finishes, unauthorized service, improper maintenance, acts of Nature; and (c) asserted defects involving subjective personal likes or judgments. Also, this warranty is null and void if modification or maintenance is provided by someone other than C&H Precision Optics. C&H Precision Optics may restrict warranty service for our products to the country from which C&H Precision Optics or its authorized dealers originally sold the C&H Precision Optics product. For warranty claims outside the United States, the costs  of shipping or transporting the product (including to and from C&H Precision Optics or our dealer), any insurance or any fees, duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will not be covered by this warranty.

For customers outside of the United States seeking warranty service, please email us at

Registration is required to validate this warranty. For product registration click here. For a warranty claim, click here.

C&H Precision reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time on its products and services; whether it is through sales, price drop/increase, or allowing the use of coupon codes

All C&H Precision sales have a designated start and end date and time. Any purchases finalized outside of the designated timeframe will not be awarded to the sale price/benefits. C&H Precision holds the right to change the sale parameters at any time.

Price on C&H Precision products and services are subject to change at C&H Precision’s discretion. All prices after the sale is complete are final and can only be reviewed on C&H Precision’s discretion.

C&H Precision will, at times, award coupon codes for customers to use at their leisure. If the coupon code is not used on the order it can not be added onto any order retroactively. Not all coupons are valid on all products and services. Coupon codes are not valid on any sale item and can not be combined with any other offer.

If your order with C&H Precision is on hold we will reach out via telephone to confirm various bits of information. We may also reach out via email to ask you to call us, but all verifications have to be done over the phone. Please respond in a timely manner

C&H Precision designs and provides proper sized screws and hardware to work with the plate that it comes with and the optics indicated on the product page. If you feel there is an issue with the screws provided please contact us through our contact portal or by emailing us at

Optics with similar footprints will not always be able to use the same screws due to a height difference. If your optic is not listed on the product page for a particular plate please reach out to us for confirmation that it will work before making the purchase. Damaged firearms, optics, hardware, or persons are not the responsibility of C&H Precision when products are used inappropriately or incorrectly.

Due to tolerances from all the manufacturers involved there can be a rare occurrence of provided screws not working for the plate or optic. If this happens please contact us through our contact portal or by emailing us at

Do you have questions or concerns about your order?
Please reach out to our Customer Service team first on our Contact Portal.