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Slide Milling FAQ

Not all slides are created equal. The biggest factor for if a slide can be milled for an optic is the internal components of the slide, mainly the striker/firing pin safety plunger. If there are components under the area where an optic needs to be milled and milling will affect the operation of said components then the slide cannot be milled for a red dot. We currently only offer slide milling for the slide models listed on our website. If you have a slide that is not listed and believe it is a candidate to be milled, reach out to us via our contact portal and we will see if it is possible.

It depends on the optic ready cut. For the majority of optic ready pistols with unique optic ready footprints (Full size Glock MOS, HK VP9 OR, Walther PPQ, ETC.) we cannot direct mill for any optic. We do offer some optic ready upgrades that allow direct mounting of some optics such as:

  1. On compact pistols with an RMSc optic ready cut we can convert it so the Holosun 407k/507k/EPS/EPS Carry can be directly mounted to the slide with no adapter plate. On some models of slide with RMSc optic ready cuts (G43x/G48/P365) we can also upgrade it so the Trijicon RMRcc can be directly mounted.
  2. For Sig slides with the older Romeo1 optic ready cut we can upgrade the cut to the Romeo1 Pro cut which will allow the use of our Sig adapter plates. We also can upgrade the Romeo1 cut to the RMR footprint which will allow direct mounting of RMR footprint optics. We also offer to mill RMR holes into slides with the Romeo1 Pro cut that do not already have the RMR holes.
  3. For the Walther PDP we offer to upgrade the 1.0 optic ready cut to the 2.0 optic ready cut which allows the use of our PDP2.0 adapter plates as well as direct mounting of the Holosun SCS-PDP.
By selecting a specific optic type from the optic type drop down menu you are selecting for your slide to be directly milled for that optic. With direct milling you will only be able to install optics that share the same footprint as the optic you selected. However, if you are switching to a different optic with the same footprint as what you selected the slide to be milled for you may need different length screws as the screws we provide are specific to the optic you select.


On some slide models we also offer to mill the specific optic ready cut for that slide like the full size Glock MOS or Sig P320 factory pro cut. If you select to have an optic ready cut milled you would need an adapter plate to mount the optic, but the optic ready cut does give more versatility should you decide to switch between optics that have different footprints.


There are a few slides or slide/optic combos that we only offer to mill an optic ready cut for, for these slides both the milling and adapter plate can be purchased through our milling page:
  1. For the Walther PPQ we only offer to mill the OEM optic ready cut and use one of our PPQ adapter plates to mount an optic.
  2. For the Sig P226/P229/P220/P225 we only offer to mill our cross optic ready cut and use one of our cross adapter plates to mount an optic. This cut can only be milled to the depth of the base of the rear sight dovetail due to the deep cavity in these slides for the striker safety plunger. This cut also requires the rear sight dovetail to be milled away, but most of our cross plates have a built in rear sight.
  3. For larger optics on 1911/2011/STI slides we will need to mill our cross cut and use one of our cross adapter plates to mount the optic. 
  4. For smaller optics on full size M&P slides we will need to mill the S&W 2.0 optic ready cut and use one of our M2.0 adapter plates to mount the optic.

There are more and more optics being released every year and it can be hard for us to keep track of all the new optics that are coming out. Our optic type drop down lists the majority of the most popular optics on the market today that can be milled for on your slide model. If you have an optic that is not listed but you know shares the same footprint as an optic that is listed you can select the listed optic and add a note to your order with the actual optic you plan on mounting. If it is an optic with a unique footprint that is not listed you can select the “other” option at the bottom of the drop down page. If you select “other” you are required to send the optic with your slide as we will most likely need to design a new program for our CNC based on that optic footprint. (The “other” option is only available for full size pistols since these slides are large enough to accommodate nearly every pistol optic.)

If the standard or all the way back position is not listed  under the “Red Dot Position” drop down this means we cannot mill for the optic you selected in that position. This is usually due to the optic cut interfering with an internal component in the slide if it were milled in the position that is not available to be selected.

Zev posts are threaded posts the stick up into the screw holes of the optic. They provide increased recoil protection and screw thread engagement. If you do not opt for Zev posts we will mill standard screw holes. Zev posts are not to be confused with recoil/indexing lugs, we mill recoil lugs for every optic that has recesses for them.

Yes, we provide an appropriate set of screws to mount your optic to the optic cut.

If the optic you are having the slide milled for is a selectable option under the “Red Dot Type” drop down menu you are not required to send the optic with the slide. However, if you do send it we will mount it on the slide before shipping your slide back to you.

If the optic you are sending is not listed and you selected “Other” as your red dot type you will need to send the optic with the slide so we can ensure your slide is milled for the correct footprint.

If you send new iron sights we will install them if they will work with the optic cut. If the rear sight cannot be installed due to it hanging over into the optic cut we will modify it if we are able to or leave it uninstalled if it cannot be modified.

Torx bits are the screw driver bits needed to install our screws. If you select yes we will send a T10 and T8 torx bit back with your slide when it is finished.

All you need to do is include a copy of your credentials with the slide when you send it to us. If your agency does not allow you to take a copy of your credentials, send us an email from your official agency email address and let us know.

Yes, we do!

If the screw was part of one of our plate kits or with our milling you can send your slide to us and we will remove the screw free of charge, all you will need to pay is for return shipping ($25). If you were not using our plate or our milling service then there will be an additional $25 charge on top of the return shipping. Our screw removal service can be found by clicking here.

C&H Precision does not require customers to send in their optics for slide milling, but it is heavily recommended. Any slide sent in with an optic will have the optic mounted at no additional charge. If you choose to supply your slide without an optic C&H Precision cannot guarantee the slide cut will work for your optic due to the tight tolerance of our milling and the tolerances in manufactured items. If any issue is found with a slide milling order, minus slide finishing, please contact C&H Precision through our contact portal and have photos and detailed descriptions ready. We may require the slide and optic to come back to the shop for inspection before determining if anything is defective with the cut.

C&H Precision will guarantee your slide’s finish up to 1 year from ship date if it is determined to not be within the realm of normal wear and tear, excessive use, negligence, or purposeful damage. Holster wear is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under this warranty.