Stripped/Sheared Screw Removal

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This service is for the removal of stripped or sheared optic/adapter plate screws. If you stripped a screw and cannot remove it or the screw is sheared off in your slide we will remove the screw free of charge if it was with one of our plate kits or milling (you will still need to pay for return shipping of the slide and any add ons to the order). If the screw is not with one of our plate kits or milling there is a fee of $25.

**If you selected that the screw was a part of one of our plate kits you will need to send the plate with the slide for us to remove the screw free of charge. If you select it was with our plate kit and you do not send the plate you will be charged the $25 removal fee and your slide will not be returned until we receive payment.**

**If you had your slide milled by us and a screw broke in the slide you will need to send a note with the slide that includes either your original order number or name the order was under so we can verify it was milled by us. If we cannot verify the slide was milled by us you will be charge the $25 removal fee and your slide will not be returned until we receive payment**



Lead Time:

Screw removals typically take a week or less.

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Shipping instructions will be provided after your purchase.

Shipping Instructions:
Safely remove the slide from your pistol. Remove all necessary internal components and iron sights if you selected to send your slide disassembled. Wrap it up, box it up and send it to us using your favorite shipping method (FedEx Ground / UPS / USPS). Please include a copy of your paid invoice or a note with your name, phone number, email address, and order number. We STRONGLY recommend sending your slide in a box and not an envelope. Most envelopes we receive get ripped open during transit and we have received a few empty envelopes. If you want to make sure your slide gets to us safely BOX IT UP.

Send your package to:
CHPWS – “ATTN: Slide Milling”
456 Edsel Dr. Suite D
Richmond Hill GA 31324

Questions? – Call us 912-445-5803

C&H Guarantee
If there is ever a problem with your pistol slide due to milling work done by us, we will do whatever we can to fix the issue, up to replacing the slide.

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Weight 5.01 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 1 in


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