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Department / Agency Test and Evaluation Process

Upon request, we send all plates out on a 30 day T&E.

After 30 days we ask that you notify us of your finding on the adapter plate T&E process.

If after 30 days you would like to keep the T&E plate, we sell it to your Department / Agency at our standard LEO Price of 15% off retail.

Once our plate passes your internal Test and Evaluation process and is added to your “Approved For Duty Use” equipment list, please send us a copy of the approval notice and we will issue a Department / Agency specific discount code that can be used by your Department / Agency procurement personnel and / or issued to all individual officers for 15% off through our web page.

Alternatively, you can contact our sales department and request a quote for bulk purchase.

Thank you for trusting us with your business.

As of June 2021, our MOS Adapter plates have been approved by over 4000 agencies across the globe “For Duty Use”. 

Our plate combined with our mounting instructions will ensure your MRDS stays where it is supposed to through the harshest duty conditions.

To receive your T&E MOS Adapter plate please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out ASAP.