CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Holosun 407k / 507k




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The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia.  Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before shipping to our customers.

Most of our plates feature a patented stainless steel T-Nut which provide an industry leading six to seven threads of engagement.  Since all the mounting hardware is replaceable, if any mounting hardware is damaged it can be replaced without replacing the entire plate.


Thickness:  V4 MIL / LEO Plates are .095″ to .099″ thick

Material: Plates are made from 6061 aluminum.  All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel

Finish:  Plates are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized – Black

Replaceable 416 Stainless Steel T-Posts for maximum thread engagement


Qty 1 – Optic Plate

Qty 2 – M3 Plate Mounting Screws

Qty 2 – 4-40 Optic Mounting Screws

Qty 2 – Patented 416 Stainless Steel T-Nuts

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7 reviews for CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Holosun 407k / 507k

  1. Mark Cicero (verified owner)

    They are a bit pricey but I am willing to pay for their quality. They provided prompt shipping and a quality product……would not hesitate to buy some of their other products when the need arises.

  2. kinghamp82 (verified owner)

    All I can is perfect for my 507k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kinghamp82 (verified owner)

    All I can is perfect for my 507k

  4. jchancey1 (verified owner)

    I purchased this plate for my CZ P10C optics ready to mount a Holosun 507Kx2. I previously had a oem plate and holosun 508t mounted on my P10F, but I wanted to try that optic out on the new compact. It worked, but the 508T is wider than the slide and simply looked out of place. The CHPSW mount solved my mount issue and made the 507k2 a better option for me. The installation went well by following the video available online. The plate fills the gaps front/back of the optic, something other plates seem to overlook. I am impressed by the fit/finish of the plate, it has been well thought out.

  5. bmargot (verified owner)

    Bought this plate for my CZ P10C Optic Ready Pistol Model 95132 and a Holosun507Kx2 Red Dot Optic
    It fit the cutout perfectly, and the Holosun fit perfectly. In my opinion it looks nicer than other plates I’ve seen because the plate is designed to fit up close to the Holosun and not leave any gaps.
    The package comes with 2 stainless steel screws, 2 black screws, and 2 stainless steel t-nuts. I was confused at first because I thought the stainless screws should fit the stainless t-nuts, but this was incorrect. The stainless screws are used to secure the plate to the slide, and the stainless T-nuts are used with the black screws to secure the optic to the plate.
    CHPWS has a good video on Youtube about how to install with some great advice about how to stake the screws with a sharpie so you can tell if they are coming loose.
    Only thing still confusing me is that Holosun says to torque the screws for the 507kx2 to 15 inch pounds but CHPWS use only 10 in the video, but they say the t-nuts are good for higher torque. Also on their website they offer replacement t-nuts for a good price in case you got some bad ones.

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