V4 MIL/LEO Adapter Holosun 407K / 507K, C&H EDC, Fits GLOCK MOS



*The V4 MIL/LEO eliminates the requirement of the RMR Sealing Plate but it can be used if you are required to use one by policy.


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The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia.  Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before shipping to our customers.

Most of our plates feature a patented stainless steel T-Nut which provide an industry leading six to seven threads of engagement.  Since all the mounting hardware is replaceable, if any mounting hardware is damaged it can be replaced without replacing the entire plate.


Material: Plates are made from 6061 aluminum.  All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel

Finish:  Plates are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized – Black

Replaceable 416 Stainless Steel T-Posts for maximum thread engagement


Qty 1 – Optic Plate

Qty 3 – M3 x 6 MM FH Plate Mounting Screws

Qty 3 – 4-40 x .345 FHB Holosun 407k / 507k , CHPWS EDC Optic Mounting Screws

Qty 3 – Patented 416 Stainless Steel T-Nuts

DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed,
or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that
this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.

At C&H Precision, our products are designed and manufactured to meet tight tolerances. Installation can be affected by variations in your plate, hardware, optic, and firearm tolerances. For safe installation and to prevent potential damage to any component, we advise dry-fitting all parts before a full installation. If any problems arise during this process, please reach out to our Customer Service via our contact portal.
When making aftermarket firearm modifications, factory components can often become obsolete, particularly when mounting optics on the slide, whether through direct milling or using a plate. Achieving the correct height for low co-witness iron sights depends on factors such as the firearm type, mounting plate, optic, and slide cut. For assistance in determining the appropriate iron sight height for your specific setup, please contact our Customer Service team through our dedicated contact portal.

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8 reviews for V4 MIL/LEO Adapter Holosun 407K / 507K, C&H EDC, Fits GLOCK MOS

  1. nicktickboom97 (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my Glock 19 Gen5 MOS. The dry fit was sloppy, and had lots of room for wiggle on the front and back of the plate. Probably about a .02″ gap between the plate and the shoulder of the optic cut. Unacceptable. But, given the great reviews I had seen, I decided it may not be a problem and proceeded with the assembly following ALL instructions precisely and gathering ALL information possible from C&H to ensure I installed it properly.
    One of the countersinks on the plate (for mounting the plate to the slide) was not deep enough. This resulted in the screw not being able to fully seat, and causing my optic to not sit flush with the plate. The only fix for this would be to grind down the head of one of the screws, but that’s just putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches.
    I felt very let down and sent C&H a long and respectful explanation of the issues I was having. I asked multiple questions throughout my email hoping for some answers. They simply replied to me with a return shipping label. Thanks alot.

    I was frustrated but was hopeful that I could atleast get most of my money back with their return policy. The return policy stayed that there would be a small fee for restocking, but is C&H really going to restock a defective product that doesn’t work and is out of spec? I set my opinions about that aside, and sent my plate back. It has been almost two months since then and have not received my refund and C&H continues to ignore my emails. I realize now that this is most likely due to C&H changing their return policy between the time I had purchased and returned my plate. It did NOT used to state that the product had to be unopened and unused. They changed their return policy to basically only apply to people who ordered the wrong item. I can only imagine this is due to the large amount of people returning their plates after realizing they received a defective part. So now, I fully expect to never hear from C&H again, and never get my money back. Simply put, they screwed me. I will never purchase a C&H product again, and it’s very unfortunate that myself and so many others are having this experience, as it seems that this rapid decline in quality and customer service seems to have happened within the last year or two.

    I’m sure C&H’s products used to be fantastic. But from my experience, and the experience of many others recently, it’s safe to say that their quality and customer service has dwindled and is now on the verge of fizzling out completely. Unfortunately there is only one other company I could find that makes an adapter plate for this firearm/optic combo. As a result, there is a lot of people who need to be aware of the fact that all of these good reviews are either outdated, or lucky. I feel partially obligated to make sure these people know the experience myself and so many others have had with C&H.

    P.s the other company that makes a plate for this combo makes a fantastic plate that fits perfectly, sits only SLIGHTLY taller than the C&H, and so far has gone through 500 rounds running flawlessly. Out of respect for being on the C&H website I won’t name this company, but you can order it on Amazon for about $50.

  2. sam.justice1 (verified owner)

    The plate itself is great. Tight, precise fit. However, the first kit I got was missing the optic to plate screws. Thankfully, I was able to get a hold of customer service and they sent me out a new kit for free.

  3. chakam777 (verified owner)

    I ordered a plate for my Glock 19/Holosun. It shipped next day, arrived on time and this plate was a beautifully tight precision fit! Superb work. Thanks to the whole C&H team for a great product!

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