Walther PPQ / Q4 / Q5 to Steiner MPS with Integrated Rear Sight




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The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia.  Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before shipping to our customers.


Thickness:  V4 MIL / LEO Plates are .095″ to .099″ thick

Material: Plates are made from 6061 aluminum.  All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel

Finish:  Plates are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized – Black


Qty 1 – Optic Plate

Qty 2 – M3 Plate Mounting Screws

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3 reviews for Walther PPQ / Q4 / Q5 to Steiner MPS with Integrated Rear Sight

  1. mwagnertpd95 (verified owner)

    The MPS red dot sight does not fit on the plate!
    Since I read that it is so wanted, I shot so and I almost became a “one-eyed pirate”. After a few hundred shots, the red dot sight flew into my face Thank God, I wore safety glasses, otherwise I would probably be blind in the right eye!
    On my request no one has reported!
    After a few months I bought a second plate and the error was still not fixed!
    I hope we get a replacement that fits, because the idea is good.

  2. pierce007 (verified owner)

    The design around this plate is flawed or out of spec. I’ve tried two MPS dots on this plate and neither sits flush with the plate. I did contact customer support right away and I was told that the engineers designed the plate to have the optic tilt forward. However I have a difficult time believing that this is a reliable way to hold the optic. My friend owns over 7 MPS sights and none are mounted in a way where the MPS doesn’t fully contact/engage the optic plate. Basically when I had a valid grievance I was told that my concern wasn’t something that warranted a further response other than to tell me the engineers said it was okay. At the moment I’d highly suggest NOT purchasing this optic plate based on the fact that it will not allow the MPS to fully contact/engage the optic plate. This is seriously a disappointment as there are not many options out there for this handgun/optic. And I’m also sitting here with an $140 optic plate that I wouldn’t trust to use my red dot on. I’ve gotten very good feedback on C&H however this experience has definitely not shown that. Unfortunately I can’t submit photos through this review otherwise it’d be very obvious where the flaw is on this plate design. It’d be helpful to also have a video from C&H possibly explaining the reasoning on why this particular plate is unable to fully engage the MPS, as that could possibly help clear confusion. There is only one other review however and it echoes the exact same issue I have, except I wasn’t offered a replacement plate which is odd?

  3. Domenico Bevilacqua (verified owner)

    Really dissappinted, the steiner MPS does not sit flush in the optic plate. The steiner MPS tilts forward on the rear part of the plate when mounted. I took it off and on several times to make sure its not me and its definitely the plate. You can see on one side of the optoc the mps sittinf lower than the other side. With shipping and taxes this plate comes out to $154.00+ and for that price it should be working as its on the higher end of the spectrum fro optic plates. Hopefully they can send me a replacement out quickly so i can make it to the range finally. If interested in my experience i will document everything on my channel “Arkz Gun” on YouTube. you can check how quickly the replacement takes place and how C&H customer service performs.


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