BUIS for Walther PDP w/ C&H Optics Plate for Leupold DPP


Front Sight: .430″ Tall   Tritium Dot / Yellow Outline
Rear Sight: .440″ Tall   Blacked Out
For Use With But Not Included:
Pistol Model: Walther PDP
Red Dot – Leupold DPP
C&H Precision Optics Plate:
Walther PDP to Leupold DPP –    WLPDP-DPP

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C&H Precision BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) were specifically designed to be used with the OEM Optic Ready Slides and Direct Milled Slides.

LowWitness is defined as a BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) that sits between .075″ to .100″ into the optic FOV (Field Of View) which is equivalent  to lower 1/6 to lower 1/8.

True Co-Witness blocks half of your red dot visible window / FOV while Lower Third blocks one third of your visible window / FOV.

Red Dot Industry Experts believe Back Up Irons should not be a vision blocker and should be as low as possible but still useable if needed.

LowWitness® Back Up Iron Sight heights provide you the lowest usable sight height without being a vision blocker “Everything you need, nothing you don’t”

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