CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Trijicon RMR / SRO / Holosun 407C / 507C / 508C / 508T




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The C&H Precision plates are designed, manufactured and shipped from our small family owned business in Coastal Georgia.  Each plate is precision machined to the tightest tolerances on HAAS CNC machines and each plate goes through multiple quality checks before shipping to our customers.

Most of our plates feature a patented stainless steel T-Nut which provide an industry leading six to seven threads of engagement.  Since all the mounting hardware is replaceable, if any mounting hardware is damaged it can be replaced without replacing the entire plate.


Thickness:  V4 MIL / LEO Plates are .095″ to .099″ thick

Material: Plates are made from 6061 aluminum.  All mounting hardware is Stainless Steel

Finish:  Plates are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized – Black

Replaceable 416 Stainless Steel T-Posts for maximum thread engagement


Qty 1 – Optic Plate

Qty 2 – M3 Plate Mounting Screws

Qty 2 – 4-40 RMR Mounting Screws

Qty 2 – 4-40 Holosun Screws

Qty 2 – Patented 416 Stainless Steel T-Nuts

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10 reviews for CZ P-10 V4 MIL / LEO to Trijicon RMR / SRO / Holosun 407C / 507C / 508C / 508T

  1. JC (verified owner)

    Received my plate for a CZ P10C this past Friday. Upon inspection of the items, noted that the screws to secure the RMR to the plate were not pristine, and resembled someone taking a sharpie to a stainless steel screw to color it in. Chalking that up to non-ideal conditions, in terms of supply shocks and bit high demand.

    Next up, the plate itself seems fine, at least in terms of material. What surprised me was the finish being more of a powder-ash than the nitride finish I was fond on the Glock MOS RMR plate. Again, I’m going to chalk that up to current events.

    But the part that really irritated me was being given a set of M3 screws that not only required a smaller Torx bit that I don’t have in my inventory, they also would not screw into the holes that helped secure the plate to the slide. My fix was to search up hardware stores and find a set of M3 – .05x8mm screws that actually fit into the holes and looked proper.

    I’m going to continue using the plate, but I won’t recommend this plate to any other folks using a CZ P10 series as their everyday carry or their work gun.

  2. Adam Heiby (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on my P-10C with trijicon RMR!

  3. Timothy Padgett (verified owner)

    This is the third plate I have bought for different weapons, the first one was perfect. Well then the second one didn’t align as well as the first but did work out. Then let’s talk about the one for my CZ p10c. I will have to say that it was the worst fit for my optic a Holosun 507c the optic wouldn’t fit without some modification to the plate. I had to file the front of the plate just so the optic would fit then the countersink of the screws was terrible the screws didn’t sit flush to the plate and made the optic sit like a Teeter toddler. I Would have just returned the plate but waiting almost two weeks for delivery of the plate, I just didn’t want to wait any longer. All in all I ordered another one made from CZ USA and hope that there quality control has better standards and the shipping seems to be alot faster because it will be arriving in less then a week total time.

  4. Rush Shortley (verified owner)

    These optics mounting plates by CH Precision are really fine, precision-made mounting plates. This is my second one, the first being for my Walther PDP FS 4.5. to mount a Holosun 509T. This plate was used to mount a Holosun 507C x2 with the ACSS Vulcan reticle by Primary Arms. The plate was shipped with all necessary screws, posts and thread locker. I was able to mount the plate and the sight with no problems. Before installation, I reviewed the CHP installation videos and followed them exactly, complete with the “staking” of the screws with an oil-based marker and indexing the screws with silver marker. I am very happy with the end result and am confident the setup will accomplish what I need for daytime home defense.

  5. Stephen Allen (verified owner)

    This V4 MIL / LEO CZ P-10 RMR / SRO / Holosun 407 / 507 / 508”, works great on my CZ P10 S. Have a Holosun 507c X2 Red Dot on top. Easy to install on my CZ pistol.

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